about Jungbin Oh

I am an aspiring content creator with a passion for exploring the society we live in. I was born in Korea and now live in New York with my wife and a cat, Miro. I have a career in data and cloud technology.

My Life

New York Phase (2022~ now)

08/2022 – Launched jungbinoh.com

03/2022 – Accepted the offer to become a Customer Success Manager at Starburst Data, a leader in Data Mesh query engine

02/2022 – Moved to New York from LA

LA Phase (2020 ~ 2022)

11/2020 – Miro, the beautiful cat, joined our family from the shelter

08/2020 – Got married to my beautiful wife, Jenny

03/2020 – Moved to LA to embark on a career in data tech as a Technical Account Manager at TrueData

02/2020 – Graduated from Middlebury College with B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology

Riot Police Phase (2016~2018)

04/2019 – Retired from the police service

07/2016 – Joined the military boot camp and police academy

Education Phase

09/2013 – Moved to the United States to study at Middlebury College

2005 ~ 2013 – Throughout my teenage, I studied abroad internationally in Korea, Thailand, Canada, and Singapore

Baby Phase

09/199X – I was born in Korea

Former Life Phase

XX/XXXX – If it ever existed.

Big Bang

Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state…