Dream Note: Waiting in line for life

I had an eerie dream.

In the dream, I was waiting in a line that seemed infinitely long. I asked the person in front of me, ‘What is this line for?’ He replied, ‘The new universe has finally started, and this is the line to get life.’ I asked, ‘How long is the wait?’ He replied, ‘From the last universe, I had to wait for 7 trillion years.’ So I waited, for ten years, a thousand years, a million years—I just waited in line.

In my billionth year, someone behind me screamed, ‘Please, let me have any form of life. I’ll be a chicken, a cockroach, or even a flea. Just let me get out of here!’ However, there was nothing he could do.

After trillions of years, the person in front of me finally stood in front of a door. It was his turn to live at last. I asked, ‘The time has finally come. What do you want to be born as?’ He said, ‘At this point, I don’t care. Do you?’ I replied, ‘No, I do not.’ After him, I also went through that door.

Then, I woke up in my bed.

Awakening in my own bed, I cannot help but realize that no matter how rich or poor, healthy or painful, short or long our lives may be, they all hold immeasurable value.

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