Avatar 2 Review: Pandora’s Dark Plan Revealed 

Caution: This content contains spoilers for Avatar 1 and 2 and Love Death + Robots S3 E6

Pandora > Earth

Avatar 1 portrays humans as colonizers of the plant Pandora, but Avatar 2 hints that Pandora is a predator luring humans into its nest with precious baits (Unobtanium and Tulkun). Pandora’s biological superiority over the technology of humans shown in Avatar 2 should alarm humans to pull back ASAP. 

Centralized Neural Network

The performance of Pandora’s centralized neural network, aka Eywa, is highly technical. At the end of Avatar 1, Jake’s consciousness gets transferred to the body of Na’vi. This surpasses human technology, as they can only connect consciousness to the avatar body and copy the memory of someone into the avatar. Neither is the holistic transfer of human consciousness that Eywa performed.

More importantly, Eywa network allows limitless control of mobility over every living species connected to it. Its immune system already attacks human beings detected, which forces humans to mobilize with Navi avatars to escape from it. That is Eywa can mobilize all species on the planet to wipe out outnumbered humans from its surface. It is simply not doing it. Yet.

Diversity of Intellectual Species

Tulkun is a whale-like creature in Avatar 2 that coexist with the sea tribe Na’vi. Also, a human marine biologist hints that Tulkun’s brain may have a higher intelligence than humans, according to his examination. This proves to be accurate as Tulkuns communicate with Na’vi people with language, and the outcast Tulkun (Payakan) learns to use harpoons and cables to cut the enemy ship in half.  

Na’vi and Tulkun already make two intelligent species existing in Pandora. That means more intelligent species could live in Pandora, out-diversifying intelligent species on Earth. The synergies expected by the coexistence of more than one intelligent species would be phenomenal, given what humans should accomplish alone. Tulkun Way, the philosophy co-owned by Tulkuns and Na’vi, is already evidence of such synergy. It is a peace-oriented ideology that claims violence only causes violence, which has kept harmony within the Pandora ecosystem.

My prediction: Humanity Engulfed by Pandora

The question is, why is Pandora keep letting humans land on its surface? My prediction is inspired by one of Love Death + Robots’ episodes, “Swarm.” In the episode (Spoiler alert), the human scientist discovers a swarm of biological entities in space (aka Swarm). Inside, numerous organisms coexist under a perfect ecosystem, along with resources that humans find valuable. However, the human intruders later realize Swarm is a superior intellectual conglomerate with evil intent, which has already annihilated numerous intellectual alien civilizations, ready to take over that of humans. Swarm was luring any intelligent beings with valuable resources. As soon as the internal system detects an intruder, its peaceful ecosystem suddenly turns hostile to capture the invader, dissect its body and mind, locate its home planet and invade it.

Pandora of Avatar 2 also shows signs of behavior similar to the Swarm of the Love Death and Robot episode. Pandora also has valuable resources to be used as bait. Baits include Unobtanium, the floating mineral, and the Tulkun brain chemical, which stops humans from aging. They are alluring enough to humans to bring them into its plant.

After attracting humans with batis, what is Pandora capable of?

From Avatar 1, Eywa already dissected the human brain and probably located Earth in the process of transferring the minds of Jake Sully and Doctora Grace Augustine into their avatars. 

Then, Pandora’s hostile immune system kicked in and even got more accurate with the birth of Kiri. Kiri was born from the avatar of Doctora Grace Augustine without a father (the special one metaphor). As a result, she has a special connection to Eywa and inherited its power to control the Pandora organisms. Before, Pandora only could vet out humans by their DNA/appearance. This allowed the humans in Na’vi avatar to roam freely around the forest. However, with Kiri, Pandora can determine which human OR Na’vi avatars are its friend or enemy, which is already a superior immune system to the previous one. Kiri, the avatar of Eywa herself, is now the key to the battle between humans and Pandora.

Honestly, humans had already lost their battle as they failed to kill Kiri. Kiri will soon exhibit her capacity to mobilize Pandora’s abundant resources to wipe out any hostile human groups. That selection is highly accurate as Kiri herself is an intellectual organism upholding Eywa’s will.

After fortifying itself, what will Pandora do next? Reverse invasion is possible. Pandora creatures already have superior hardware: bigger sizes, harder skins, and smarter brains. Pandora is so large that there’s a chance it has a species that can travel through space somewhere unrevealed by the film. Eywa itself is a perfect war software with centralized communication and decision-making capacity. Will humans stand a chance to protect its already dying Earth? I don’t think so.


When objectively analyzed, human firepower and technology are inferior to that of Pandora. The only way humans can survive is to pull back, run away as fast as they can from Pandora, and find other ways to save themselves. Or, they can yield to Pandora and Eywa’s way of living. Pandora has shown mercy to humans willing to succumb to their way of life, which is the only hope for humanity. Otherwise, the screams of burnt forests and hunted Tulkuns will soon be replaced by humans on Earth. I can see it coming, people. 

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