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Welcome to jungbinoh.com, where you can find the original me, a genuine story.

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Does “Trend” exist for knowledge? Yes! I aspire to capture and save the trendiest information today in my writings:

“Voice” and “Choice” of me

“Voice” is a collection of articles that reflect my opinion, thought, and belief on a specific topic. I will write about my personal life, career, social issue, travel experience, technology insights, cultural lifestyle, and many more.

“Choice” is a compilation of reviews and research that shows my choice of consumption or purchase among a myriad of options. Contents include strategic content for categories like software/app, electronics, gear, fashion, furniture, etc.

Personal Life

Curiosity has fueled me to travel 20+ different countries, study abroad in 5 different countries, change major 4 times, take coding boot camp as a sociology major, and work in tech startups. Now I find value in sharing my insights rooted in my diverse set of life experiences!


As a Customer Success Manager at one of the fastest-growing data startups, I will share my insights and news about what is happening in the tech world today.

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Starburst Data, Korea JoongAng Daily